Chapter 2: Where most China toy factories are located/Where to find real China toy factories

Actually, many toy businesses would like to get a list of toy manufacturers in China, before going to purchase the toy products. But this is not correct. Before buying any toy, you have to be somehow familiar with the place of origin of the various toys first, then you can go ahead and find the right toy manufacturer for the toy products that you want to sell.

China’s toy factories are located in different places and according to the different kind of toys they produce. So, if you want to look for suppliers online and already know where the type of toys come from, then it will be very helpful for you in identifying the suppliers and also much easier for you to compare prices & quality of different suppliers. I’ll list the 5 main toy production areas in China below.

1. Chenghai, Guangdong Province—World’s Capital of Toys

If you are specialized in toys business and are constantly purchasing them in large quantities, then Chenghai will be the best choice. You can find toys companies or factories, or things related to toys everywhere in this city.

1.1 What kinds of toy manufacturers are located in Chenghai

Many toys around the world come from here. The main toy categories include:

  • Chinese baby toys
  • Plastic toys
  • China electronic toys
  • High-tech toys

This means that if you run remote controlled toys business and your suppliers are in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, or Hangzhou, then the price of your purchase is likely to be higher than that of Chenghai. This is because 90% of these factories have to purchase toy accessories from factories in Chenghai, which in turn makes the cost of toys to be higher.